LIVRO Matêhaksamim – A Varinha Mágica: Direção de aprendizagem (Técnica Alexander Livro 36) PDF Liora Dvash

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“The Magic Wand” ‪- Enter an Unknown Land ‪- Create Your Life‪’s Story through Alexander Technique. The book “The Magic Wand – Direction of Learning” formulates a different meaning to what we call ‘a book’: Few words, captivating illustrations and a gift of projections, reflections, thought-chains, a brain-generator that defies habit, all lead you to discover what is the real “Magic Wand”, what is a “Robotic Reaction” and what are true “Freedom and Choice”. The book will presents a unique viewpoint of the ‘Five Principles of the Alexander Technique’. “The Magic Wand – Direction of Learning” can be a wonderfully unique tool for school teachers.Available in 10 Languages – Hebrew, English, German, Portuguese, Arabic, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Yiddish and Japanese.
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